Deploy WebServer on AWS using Ansible

Statement : Deploy Web Server on AWS through ANSIBLE!

♦️ Provision EC2 instance through Ansible.

♦️ Retrieve the IP Address of instance using dynamic inventory concept.

♦️ Configure the web server through Ansible!

♦️ Create role for web-server to customize the Instance and deploy the webpage to root directory.

Step: 1>

Install Boto module.

# pip3 install boto3

Step: 2>

Create IAM user own AWS.

AWS -> login -> Services -> Security Identity & Compliance -> IAM

Save the credentials obtained from here Access and Secret Key

Step: 3>

Create the workspace on system (I am using RHEL 8)

# mkdir ansible-task2

Also create YAML file for store configuration.

# vim os.yml

Step: 4>

Create a security vault to store the credentials obtained at Step: 2

# vim keys.yml

access_key: “<Your access key”
secret_key: “<Your Security key”

For extra security, we can encrypt this vault so no one can read the details in it.

To encrypt the vault,

# ansible-vault encrypt keys.yml

Then, if you try to read it using #cat keys.yml

Step: 5>

Now, add the .pem key of AWS in system.

I used WinSCP program for it.

Also enable the some special permissions to key

# chmod 600 <pem_file>

Step: 6>

Make some changes in configuration file of Ansible

# vim /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

Step: 7>

Final Step:

Execute the Playbook

# ansible-playbook os.yml — ask-vault-pass

And, our web-server deployed !!

We can access the webpage using IP address given (Here:

Also we can check the instance created or not using manually visiting AWS Dashboard

Thanks for Reading :)

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Prajwal Patil

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